TypeScript in SAPUI5 (NL)

TypeScript in SAPUI5 (NL)

February 27, 2022

#TypeScript in #UI5 met Wouter Lemaire (LemTech), Ted Castelijns (Expertum) en Mouade Boussaid (Expertum) en stamgasten Jan Penninkhof (SAP) en Twan van den Broek (SAP).

Getting started with TypeScript in SAPUI5

My (Wouter Lemaire) first experience with TypeScript in SAPUI5

VNSG Developer Group sessie 




S03E02 Recap #sitFRA #UI5con

S03E02 Recap #sitFRA #UI5con

March 15, 2016

HANA Cafe NL recorded a new episode, in Frankfurt this time, home for the first #UI5con worldwide and the second #sitFRA. 

At the end a lot of participants were still enjoying the afterparty in our cafe:
  • Thorsten Franz
  • Kati Fischer
  • Leo van Hengel
  • Denise Nepraunig
  • Jitendra Kansal
  • Vincent Weiss
  • Wim Snoep
  • James Hale
  • Soumyasanto Sen
  • Jan Penninkhof
  • Twan van den Broek
  • and many others ...
S02E06 UI5 CodeJam, News and Project experiences

S02E06 UI5 CodeJam, News and Project experiences

November 26, 2015

In this episode Jan Penninkhof and Twan van den Broek sat together with:

  • Kimmo Jokinen
  • Jan Willem Molenaar
  • Dennis Duivenbode
  • Andreas Kunz
  • Denise Nepraunig
  • Martine van der Veen 
Together we discussed the CodeJam on UI5 at The Next View, got some UI5 news and talked about live experiences with UI5.
A few highlights:
  • CodeJam UI5 covered basics and first steps into creating custom controls
  • Andreas ins involved with UI5 from the early beginning, 2009
  • How is the name Phoenix related to UI5
  • CodeJam UI5 experiences is about learning new stuff but also reconnecting with peers
  • Learning ‘tricks’ that you can bring to your projects to solve issues
  • Reminded Andreas to internal UI5 Q&A sessions for SAP developers building Fiori apps
  • Sports One built is with custom controls and lot of theming, doesn't look like Fiori at all
  • Jan talks about Google Maps control developed by SAP Mentor John Patterson and the reason why he changed to the GeoMaps library for a mobile UI5 app
  • Denise works on project runtime adaption, adapt a running UI5 app by keyusers
  • As developer you need to make sure that your controls have stable, explicit, ID
  • ABAP developer getting into 21st century by building UI5 app
  • Experiences from ABAP developer getting into UI5 development
S02E01 DKOM recap

S02E01 DKOM recap

February 3, 2015

Recap DKOM in het HANA Cafe Nederland door Jan Penninkhof, Roel van den Berge en Twan van den Broek

  • Keynote Bernd Leukert
  • Demo's on stage
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform (Björn Goerke)
  • Industry 4.0
  • IoT
  • S/4HANA
  • SAP Fiori
  • SAP User Experience (Sam Yen)
  • Network economy
  • SAP CTO (Quentin Clark)
Laat ons weten wat je ervan vond: @hanacafeNL
S01E08 SAP River RDE (Now called SAP Web IDE)

S01E08 SAP River RDE (Now called SAP Web IDE)

October 14, 2014

Recap CodeJam SAP River RDE (SAP River Rapid Development Environment), now called SAP Web IDE.

Blog on name change and SAP d-code activities:
Aangeschoven in ons HANA Cafe NL:
  • Michal Keidar
  • Wim Snoep
  • Leo van Hengel
  • Robin van het Hof
  • Jan Penninkhof
  • Twan van den Broek
S01E04 SAPUI5 / OpenUI5

S01E04 SAPUI5 / OpenUI5

May 14, 2014

In het HANA Cafe NL zijn aangeschoven: Leo van Hengel, Raymond Does, Wim Snoep, Jan Penninkhof, Ted Castelijns, Robert Eijpe, Roel van den Berge, Robin van het Hof en Twan van den Broek. Vandaag gaat de discussie over SAPUI5 / OpenUI5, wat langer dan gebruikelijk maar we hadden dan ook heel wat te bespreken.

  • Waarom OpenUI5
  • Voordelen SAPUI5
  • Mobile vs Desktop
  • Tips voor developers
  • Tips voor SAP
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