S03E02 Recap #sitFRA #UI5con

S03E02 Recap #sitFRA #UI5con

March 15, 2016

HANA Cafe NL recorded a new episode, in Frankfurt this time, home for the first #UI5con worldwide and the second #sitFRA. 

At the end a lot of participants were still enjoying the afterparty in our cafe:
  • Thorsten Franz
  • Kati Fischer
  • Leo van Hengel
  • Denise Nepraunig
  • Jitendra Kansal
  • Vincent Weiss
  • Wim Snoep
  • James Hale
  • Soumyasanto Sen
  • Jan Penninkhof
  • Twan van den Broek
  • and many others ...
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